Sunday, February 4th

7:00pm The President’s Reception
10:00pm Brews With Brewer Entertainment

Monday, February 5th

9:00am Conference Commencement & Regional Report
9:30am Opening Keynote (Jonathan Haidt: The Anxious Generation)
10:45pm Director Led Roundtables Part One
1:00pm Breakout Block One
2:10pm Exclusive Summer Camp Security Presentation
3:30pm Breakout Block Two
4:30pm Afternoon Keynote (Joanna Dubin: President, Fendi Americas, Moderated by Dayna Hardin)
7:00pm The CODACON Dinner
10:00pm Brews With Brewer Entertainment

Tuesday, February 6th

8:00am Early Bird Problem Solving Workshops
8:30am Director Led Roundtables Part two
9:30am The Speedy Altman Breakfast
11:30am Closing Keynote (Paul Rosolie: Amazon Explorer, Filmmaker & Author)
12:45pm Closing Comments & Special Presentaion
1:00pm Conference Concludes