Camp Owners and Directors Association has a very simple mission:

“We believe in strengthening the legacy of camp by connecting camp professionals and sharing best business practices.”

Business Skills

Our core belief is that you can run a better camp by running a better business.  Our association is made up of privately owned resident and day camps across the country.  Our annual conference, CODACON, allows our members to network with like-minded camp owners, and professionals from across the country, to discuss creative solutions to the many challenges that face our industry today.

New Ideas

Our conference goal is to help you find innovative ways to improve your business practices, not only by interacting with other CODA members, but by hearing from professionals in OTHER INDUSTRIES who face many of the same challenges we do.  Perhaps the hiring practices of 7-11 may offer some insight into our interview processes.  Perhaps a system from a fast food chain can help us trim costs and be more efficient.


We also seek to inspire our members through a variety of speakers, articles and webinars that will be available exclusively to CODA members on our website and Facebook page throughout the year!


Perhaps the greatest benefits of CODA are the connections we make with our peers, the synergy that happens when camp owners and directors get together to discuss the common challenges we face, and the fun we have at our social events!