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CODA Member,

I don’t know about you, but this summer has been busier than previous years. Our final session ended last week and I feel like I’m just coming up for air. Gasp! I know some of you still have 2-3 weeks to go — hang in there folks!

It’s been such a busy summer that CODA hasn’t had time to update our website, and you know what that means!?! The CODA Fall Tour early bird pricing is still online! We’ll be updating the website soon… but I wanted to let you know about this opportunity.


September 23rd — 26th, 2019

Heart of the Hills for Girls, Camp Stewart for Boys, Camp La Junta for Boys, Camp Mystic for Girls, Vista Camps: Rio Vista for Boys & Sierra Vista for Girls, and Honey Creek Camp for Girls

$295 per person

You’ll probably want to fly into San Antonio (it’s the closest airport). From there you can rent a car (I found rates as low as $25/day) or take a shuttle (Super Shuttle costs around $150 round trip) to our hotel, Inn of the Hills in Kerrville, TX. We got a great rate of $82/night so book your room and flight today!

Want to know more? Read the Tour Itinerary online.

Thank you, Larry Johnson

PS — I imagine I’ll get the website updated next week so make your plans today!

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