Save the Date September 9-12 for the CODA Fall Tour

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Spring is a great time of year, everything is starting to bloom and come to life and that is never more true than at a summer camp. Not many people realize that our time before the campers arrive is usually more hectic than when the campers get here. No matter how busy we may be down here in Alabama, we want to take this opportunity to let everyone know how excited we are to have the CODA Fall Tour of Camps come to our region and experience Lookout Mountain and our Southern Hospitality in person. We have 7 wonderful camps for everyone to see that include a little bit of everything you could want to know about our camps. Below is the schedule and information you need to know to join us this September. Early bird sign up will be April 1st through May 15th and spaces are limited, so don’t wait! You don’t want to be one of the ones that misses this time of touring and fellowship down here with us……Bless your heart!!

Things To Know

Fun Facts About ALABAMA

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Alabama is said to be home to more species of fish-more than 450 in 29 families-than any state or province in North America. Roughly 325 are classified as native freshwater species, and another approximatley 100 as native marine species. The state is home to sixteen river systems in three major drainages.

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Alabama is the 5th most-forested state in the US. A little over 70% of Alabama is forested woodlands-enough to cover Rhode Island, Deleware, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut combined.

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Over 400 aerospace companies from more than 30 different countries have chose Alabama, including industry giants such as Boeing, Lockhead Martin, GE Aviation, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and GKN Aerospace. Another of these giants is Airbus, which produces A320 Family and A220 passenger jets in Mobile at its only U.S. manufacturing facility.

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Little River is unique beacuse it begins and ends a top Lookout Mountain. This river also runs through a majority of the camps on tour.

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