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Its been a while since our last “Larry’s Letter.” It’s not that there wasn’t much going on, in fact it’s quite the contrary. I’m sure whether you opened your camp or not this summer, you’ve all been very busy doing whatever it takes to survive and make it through the summer. The CODA board members are no different, along with taking care of all the business of our own camps, we’ve been meeting and discussing the current situations of camps around the country as well as the outlook and future of our camps.

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Directors tour a North Carolina summer camp on the 2018 Fall Tour.

In-Person Events

After much discussion and taking into account every factor we could come up with, two of the more difficult decisions the board has decided on are to postpone our Fall tours for 2020 as well as our National Conference for 2021.

CODACON 2021 was scheduled for New Orleans in February and we were all looking forward to being there spending quality time together sharing and learning new ideas from each other and our speakers at the conference.

This was not an easy choice as we love and understand the value in COCDACON. With the current circumstances of many camps not opening this summer and some operating on a reduced enrollment we felt it was in the best business interest for our members to not ask or expect them to come up with funds to attend a conference this year.

A Stressful Season

The stress this year has not only been on the camps, many of our sponsors are in the same boat as we are and again, the board felt it would be a tough year to ask our business members to come up with the extra funds needed to sponsor the unmatched speakers and social events you’ve become accustomed to at CODACON events. It wasn’t an easy decision, but we felt it was a necessary one based on the best information we had at this time.

Moving Forward

With all that being said, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a quiet time this Fall. CODA is proud to present a series of Webinars for our members, straight from other camp owners and directors, as well as camp Doctors and nurses of camps that opened this summer and what they went through.

It’s going to be a very informative video of what they expected, what they actually got, and what they did to adjust throughout the summer. Starting this week, the webinars will be released periodically throughout the fall and each one is from a different region of the U.S. so you can see how camps close to you as well as those in other parts of the country adjusted. The password for our webinars page is coda-member.

New Website

Each webinar will be hosted on our NEW Camp Owners and Directors Association (CODA) website and will be available to you at your convenience. That’s right, I said NEW website!! Thanks to our business partner, Ronningen Design, CODA has a completely new look.

Now you can quickly scroll through a list of all our Member Camps and Business Partners. Need to know what’s happening next for CODA? No problem! It will be on the Events page. Want to watch our latest Webinars? Log in with the password above. Looking for a previous Larry’s letter or something else informative from CODA? They’re in the Blog. Most importantly, it’s finally easy for us to manage the website! The team at Ronningen put our new website on Typewriter — the easier content management system that several of our board members use for their camp websites.

So there ya have it. With the unfortunate news of not having our Fall Tours and CODACON this year, we get the good news of informative webinars with questions we wanted answered and a brand new website. Out with the old, in with the new. The only thing guaranteed is life will not stop, the sun will come up tomorrow and what we do with each new day is up to us. While we’ll miss seeing each of you at our events, this year, we hope the information you will be getting from CODA will help each of us drive forward through this ever changing time and appreciate what we have right now as well as what lies ahead in the future.

I hope you enjoy the webinars (I know I’ve already learned a LOT just from previewing the first couple!). I do look forward to when we will be together again and share, in person, all the stories and good times with each other.


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