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A Conversation With Lynn Lyons

What to Say (And Not to Say) to Anxious Campers

A Conversation With Lynn Lyons

Managing Worry Among Your Staff

Dear Scout

Dr. Leana Wen, M.D

Dr. Leana Wen Talks COVID-19 & Camp

Michael Thompson, Ph. D.

Let’s Talk Staff

Niels Rosenquist Webinar

and Q & A

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Webinar #8

Cody Mauldin, of Camp Olympia in Trinity, Texas, shares his 2020 summer experience.

Webinar #7

Adam Boyd, of Merri-Mac for Girls and Timberlake for Boys in Western North Carolina, discusses his 2020 summer experiences.

Webinar #6

Shari Sigoloff interviews Dave Thoensen of Tamarak Day Camp in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Tamarak was open in 2020.

Webinar #5

Richard Bombach of Mo Ranch in Hunt, Texas, shares his experiences from the summer. Mo Ranch was open in 2020.

Webinar #4

Paul Sheridan interviews Mike Stillson of Valley Trails in Santa Clarita, California. Valley Trails was open in 2020.

Webinar #3

Watch our interview with Andy Shlensky of North Star Camp for Boys, in Hayward, Wisconsin. His residential boys’ camp was open in 2020.

Webinar #2

Scott Fineske of Camp La Junta, in Hunt, Texas speaks about how their traditional overnight camp operated in 2020.

Webinar #1

We interviewed Fritz Seving from Camp Fernwood, a traditional overnight camp in Poland, Maine. His camp was open in 2020 with a reduced camper and staff population.